Bear’s Page


Bear came to us as a rescue that ended up being unwanted by his old human family. We had noticed that a number of garbage cans had been raided over the a few weeks and our neighbor had mentioned that he had seen a large black dog dragging one of the bags. After a couple more weeks my daughter caught sight of him out in the open area behind our house. One afternoon I saw him and was able to sneak up close enough to see that he was in bad shape and dangerously thin. We started placing food outside our fence hoping we might gain his trust but after a week it became obvious that he and we needed more help.

We were able to contact a local pet rescue place to help catch him and they were able to respond within a day. So they came out and placed the trap where we had been feeding him and just after dark we had him. Despite being scared and starving you could see the relief he felt, in fact when I went out to the trap he felt so much relief he curled up and went to sleep until we were able to get him to a safe place in our house and release him from the cage. After a few Milkbones (or more like many) he just wanted to curl up on somebody’s lap.

It was shortly after this we were able to track down his old humans and found out that he had been out on his own for over three months and that they did not want him back. We were not looking to add to our pack but wanted the absolute best for Bear so we started searching for a new forever home for him. He is absolutely the sweetest guy and loves any and all attention but is very wary of strangers but makes friends quite quickly. After 3 months of trying to place him somewhere he has bonded with our pack and us too. Bear is about seven years old and is such a great dog. He is a lab mix and a drooler who craves attention and would love to be a lab dog. He is not as active as the pups but is in great health now that he is fed regularly.


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