Sly little trickster

Our sly little trickster was in her element this past weekend. The pack was all outside playing chase and just generally watching Dad work in the yard. Even the Queen made an extended appearance to enjoy a beautiful if not rare sunny day in February. The pups were running like crazy girls back and forth across the yard while Bear and the Queen were busy checking out all the new smells at the fence. Each one would check on Dad’s progress every few minutes just to make sure noting interesting was dug up. After a bit Dad noticed that there seemed to be one dog missing and it was Mya. After a quick search of the yard and many calls, Mya appeared on the deck with a very satisfied smile. Dad suspected what happened and he confirmed it with a quick check. Mya was cheating on her diet again as she had made a clean sweep of the Queens rations. The sly one had lived up to her name and made off with an ill gotten bounty.

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