Meet the pack!

Please meet our pack.

Our oldest is Nicci, she is the Queen of everything. She is an American Eskimo and Chow Chow mix and she keeps everyone in line, even if it’s only her opinion.

Next are the pups even though they are about to turn three. Mya is a purebred Chocolate Lab and she wants to be the next queen but for now she is the sly one. Always finding a way to get on the couch or get an extra snack. Dakota is a White Shepard mix and she is the sensitive one. She is physically stronger than her sister and is often the instigator of play. She is also the best mannered.

Our newest addition to the pack is Bear, he is a seven year old Lab mix. Bear is an absolute sweetheart but has had a rough life. We rescued him as a stray in a near starvation state but he has responded beautifully when given the proper food and love. He loves laying his head on our legs and looking up for some attention with his big sad eyes.

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