Cuddle time

When 4 big dogs all want to be given attention there is never enough laps and hands to go around. Then the green monster, JEALOUSY, raises it’s ugly head. Soon someone’s feelings get hurt and they slink off to a corner or rambunctious play breaks out. It is these moments of utter chaos that the Queen asserts herself and the others scamper outside to relative safety. Such is an everyday occurrence with our pack!

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Dogs welcoming home soldiers


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Sly little trickster

Our sly little trickster was in her element this past weekend. The pack was all outside playing chase and just generally watching Dad work in the yard. Even the Queen made an extended appearance to enjoy a beautiful if not rare sunny day in February. The pups were running like crazy girls back and forth across the yard while Bear and the Queen were busy checking out all the new smells at the fence. Each one would check on Dad’s progress every few minutes just to make sure noting interesting was dug up. After a bit Dad noticed that there seemed to be one dog missing and it was Mya. After a quick search of the yard and many calls, Mya appeared on the deck with a very satisfied smile. Dad suspected what happened and he confirmed it with a quick check. Mya was cheating on her diet again as she had made a clean sweep of the Queens rations. The sly one had lived up to her name and made off with an ill gotten bounty.

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Meet the pack!

Please meet our pack.

Our oldest is Nicci, she is the Queen of everything. She is an American Eskimo and Chow Chow mix and she keeps everyone in line, even if it’s only her opinion.

Next are the pups even though they are about to turn three. Mya is a purebred Chocolate Lab and she wants to be the next queen but for now she is the sly one. Always finding a way to get on the couch or get an extra snack. Dakota is a White Shepard mix and she is the sensitive one. She is physically stronger than her sister and is often the instigator of play. She is also the best mannered.

Our newest addition to the pack is Bear, he is a seven year old Lab mix. Bear is an absolute sweetheart but has had a rough life. We rescued him as a stray in a near starvation state but he has responded beautifully when given the proper food and love. He loves laying his head on our legs and looking up for some attention with his big sad eyes.

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Welcome to my blog about life with 4 big dogs!

Life can sometimes turn unexpectedly and we now find ourselves with no kids at home but our pack keeps us busy. We are the sometimes leaders of a small pack of canines, each with very distinct personalities. I say “sometimes leaders” because sometimes the inmates are definitely in charge of the asylum.

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